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(2017/08/08) ULTRA MEGA HAPPY PARTY!!! [Euphoric] Added.
(2017/06/21) Sigh [Regrets] Added.
(2017/04/10) Fusionik -STAGE START-/-FINAL BOSS- Added.
(2017/04/10) ZERODAY [Heartbleed] Added.
(2017/04/02) Beautiful Life -Good Morning.- Added.
(2017/03/27) BOUNCE THE TECH [M4KE S0M3 N01SE] Added.
(2017/03/20) ME AND BΦΦΦYS [雨の降る日に], End Point [World's End] Added.
(2017/02/07) Earthlight [Twilight] Added.
(2017/02/06) BLACK BALLERINA -Treadmill-, Third World [World's End] Added.
(2017/01/01) Demagogie [Hetzerei], ラケシスと永遠の祈祷者 [Sanctuary], Titanomaquia [Tartarus], +84 [摩天楼] Added.
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(2016/12/14) IKAROS [Q.E.D.] Added.
(2016/11/24) Immigrants From Fantasy [Penguins' Party] Added.
(2016/11/16) Lemuria [Tyrfing] Added.
(2016/11/01) Scaffold -Execution- Added.
(2016/10/27) Re:End of a Dream [Re:LAPITHER]/[Re:LAPITHER+] Added.
(2016/10/22) Chronomia -Transience- Added.
(2016/10/05) Maxi [Ephedrine] Added.
(2016/08/27) 糸 -蜘蛛- Added.
(2016/08/25) 天 -Apocalypse- Added.
(2016/08/04) 村 [正] Added.
(2016/07/29) u gotta party [La Festa La Vita!] Added.
(2016/07/28) N - flat waves - [Lucid], [Keen] Added.
(2016/07/05) Jumping Leaping! [(*'∀'人)*+] Added.
(2016/06/10) Swallow [Python] Added.
(2016/06/07) Dai-katsugeki(AMAZE Remix) -CHECKMATE-, Microwave [2-hour popcorn war] Added.
(2016/05/08) キミとボクへの葬送歌 [Dirge] Added.
(2016/04/09) Arcanum Guardian [Elixir] Added.
(2016/03/31) ATLAS[VISTA] Added.
(2016/02/22) Foo Ba Ba Candy [foobar curry] Added.
(2016/02/16) 運命論 [Atropos] Added.
(2016/01/24) Altale [the story] Added.
(2016/01/22) antilife, I wanna be strongeeer [Bandana] Added.
(2016/01/18) Ovital [LCAO] Added.
(2016/01/15) So Yummy [High Tension] Added.
(2016/01/07) Twilight Galaxy [Canopus] Added.
(2016/01/02) Tsukuyomi [突き通し] Added.
(2015/12/01) ヒメタイプ [LAPITHER] Added.
(2015/11/17) After Burner [Departure] Added.
(2015/11/16) MASAMUNE [三日月] Added.
(2015/11/13) Busy Factory [Christmas Secret] Added.
(2015/10/31) mom [sorry.] Added.
(2015/10/28) Dreadnought [Fragarach] Added.
(2015/10/08) Andro [id] Added.
(2015/10/04) satellite flower [そして世界は音楽に満ちた] Added.
(2015/10/02) MilK [Low Fat] Added.
(2015/09/25) Forgotten Story [] Added.
(2015/09/24) GOODTEK [乃] Added.
(2015/09/16) Terpsichore [Lyre], 悠奏線上のアスタルテ [Astaroth], Exploring the blue sky [青] Added.
(2015/08/15) Floating Garden [Hortulani] Added.
(2015/08/13) Camel [Thirst] Added.
(2015/07/28) オトゲラヴ! [男の娘ラヴ!] Added.
(2015/07/24) Delightness Brightness [おんなのこだよぉ(*'∀'人)*+] Added.
(2015/07/22) Xhroria [空] Added.
(2015/07/10) JUMMER (HARD+) Added.
(2015/07/05) Sogaikan Utopia [LAPITHER] Added.
(2015/06/29) Orbital Period [LAPITHER] Added.
(2015/06/22) 零ファイター [Flight] Added.
(2015/06/15) Turmeric [kusofumen] Added.
(2015/06/01) Aragami [天沼矛] Added.
(2015/05/20) Cube of mind [LAPITHER] Added.
(2015/05/04) Desperate [Despair], Illusion Wings [7keys Insane (fix)], volcanic [LAPITHER], Dandelion Sparkle!! [LAPITHER] Added.
(2015/05/03) Palette Of The Life [LAPITHER], CHICKEN for the WIN [Chicken Pizza], GO BACK 2 YOUR RAVE [LAPITHER], 秋思に三日月 あなたに紅葉 [kusofumen], Shannon's Theorem [MIMO] Added.
(2015/04/20) Sabun Page Open!
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